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Welcome to Madrid Pools

Use Madrid Pools to find the best Lottery offers, reviews and news. Plus we tell you about the great prizes you can win on slots, casino and other games. For the compers register now or login to access the Madrid Pools competition listings and comping community.

Why should you play with us?

Because more than 150.000 customers trust in us.

Because we have customers in more than 140 countries.

Because we have experience selling lottery since 1860.

Because we are a company on the web since 1996.

Because we are to serve and help you.

For this and much more, play to the spanish lottery in madridpools.


Big Accounts

In our company we want to distribute lottery between the personal, or create a group of players. Is it possible?

Yes, with our lottery service for big accounts. Just contact us and we will give you all the information.

The Company Who manages elGordo.com?

madridpools.com is managed by The World Lotery (TWL)


Which are the legal rules when I buy lottery in madridpools.com?

You can find them in our legal advise.

Promotion & Scam


Can I insert publicity elGordo.com?

We do not accept publicity of any kind of game except spanish national lottery.


I have received a letter/email saying I won. Is it a scam?

It is a scam. A number of groups of criminals, of various nationalities, are using the prestige and the commercial names of the Spanish Lottery by fraudulent means in several countries. They say you have won a prize (FALSE) and they want to obtain you bank data, and will ask you for money in order to cash your prize in concept of costs. Do not pay anything. View our scams zone.

They ask me for money to cash the prize.

It is a scam. All prizes are always taxes and fees free. You MUST NEVER pay to cash a prize. Contact the police if you wish.